Saturday 21 October 2017

Day 3 - Trincomalee

Five members of team two had the chance to experience the beautiful sights of Sri Lanka, the elephant safari and the delicious Sri Lankan food. We had already fallen in love with the country but as soon as we arrived in Trincomalee we had the chance to see another even more inspiring aspect of the Sri Lanka community. We immediately joined the rest of the Ocean Stars team and had the chance to see first-hand how the Ocean Stars funds are used. It was great to see the joy on the faces of the local children who received bikes purchased by Ocean Stars supporters. Boxes of very cute and fluffy chickens which will support sustainable livelihoods of families were handed to families in need. However.  The most excitement was generated as the boys from the local cricket team all crowded around and peered into a huge bag which contained a full set of cricket equipment.

Finally the team walked across to the house of a local villager, where the  wide of a local fisherman and her 5 year old son happily received a boat donated by a generous sponsor. We then came together as a whole team again where we finished off the afternoon with tea and cakes, which took me right back to that first evening where excited but anxious team two participants sat in Dilanee’s front room to start the planning of this life changing experience. 


Aidan and Chris
We arrived at Trinco to find ourselves in the middle of the various gifts donated being given out to individual children and families.

Seeing children at the gate so grateful and happy to receive a pair of shoes to wear or a bike to ride to and from school was so humbling. For each of them it meant so much and a number of them  struggled to express their feelings. However, their reaction and smiles said it all.

Being asked to give 20 chicks each, to the mothers of two families so they could have fresh eggs was both emotional and humbling. We were in the midst of people who had so very little and yet their faces and reaction meant they had received so much.

Although we had heard so much about Sri Lanka and Ocean stars whilst preparing to visit, it is only when you experience a day like today that you realise just how special and important the work  is that Ocean Stars is doing.


  1. What an amazing opportunity for all of you working in Sri Lanka over half term, they'll be days that you'll never ever forget. Make the most of every day you are there, you are making such a difference to these peoples lives.

  2. Great to follow this blog and so pleased the chickens have been given out - what an experience! Love amali x

  3. Great stories to read already. Glad the weather is behaving itself for you. Can't wait till next instalment!

  4. Thinking of you all so much - thank you for all your hard work. Great to be able to 'follow' the blog daily and hear news. Travel safely to preschools tomorrow - enjoy!!
    Maureen x

  5. Great to read the blog and hear how you’re all getting on, it’s an amazing experience, you’ll never forget, love Janine xx